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IntroMyGist is designed to provide a neat summary of the news for busy people. Get it delivered to your inbox every weekday morning at approximately 5:57am, time may vary due to the whimsical nature of the internet, and/or interference by hackers trained and funded by foreign powers.

WhyI'm an addict for good news stories, but I find most news websites annoying. Too many ads, pages that load too slowly. Too many filler articles. Some news websites seem to be designed to waste your time! So, MyGist seemed a natural progression of what I've been doing for ages, finding interesting news stories and identifying the important bits. We all like to talk about interesting stories with friends or at work, so by sharing the stories I've found with you, you'll have a time-saving advantage on your mates!

WhoFor reasons that may become obvious, the news snippets written may have a slight bias toward the UK, hot news in the tech industry, and stupid stuff that gets reported on. The reason is that the guy behind this (me, aka Zach Townsend) lives in England, works in the tech industry in London, and is sometimes amused by the stupid stuff newspapers report on. Probably better if I stop writing in the third person, and say that I hope you will find the Gist as amusing as I do. If you don't, please let me know. And if you do like it, positive feedback is always great too - and you'll get great karma from it!

HowThe news snippets are all manually written by me, so will be subject to my own style, lacking as it may sometimes be. As soon as I can find a way to automate it, of course I'd love to, as that will save me time. But for now, my tech skills haven't figured it out, so my eyes, fingers and brain will have to do.

WhenFor those who might be curious, the Gist was actually conceived and started on December 25th, 2014, after perhaps a glass or two of wine too many. I'm writing this on Boxing Day, when perhaps I should be shopping, perusing the amazing Boxing Day discount deals, but let's just says shopping really doesn't do it for me. How long the Gist will last, is anyones guess. Every person who likes it is another reason to keep it going.

PrivacyYour email address is sacred to us, and we will never use it for any other purpose other than providing you with the Gist. For obvious reasons, we will never give it to anyone else. If for any reason you wish to stop receiving the Gist, please let us know, and we'll stop sending it to you immediately.

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